For a comprehensive library of research papers, click here.

Introductory articles




  • Fuzzing: Brute force vulnerability discovery  –  Michael Sutton/Pedram Amini/Adam Greene [amazon]
  • Fuzzing for software security testing and quality assurance  –  Ari Takanen/Jared DeMott/Charlie Miller [amazon]
  • Open source fuzzing tools  –  Noam Rathaus/Gadi Evron [amazon]

Includes content on fuzzing

  • Grey Hat Python  –  Justin Setiz [amazon]
  • Mac Hackers Handbook  –  Charlie Miller/Dino Dai Zovi [amazon]
  • iOS Hackers Handbook – Charlie Miller/Dino Dai Zovi/Dion Blazakis/Stefan Esser/Vincenzo Iozzo/Ralf-Philipp Weinmann [amazon]

Commercial Offerings

codenomicon –

Beyond Security BeStorm –

Spirent (previously MuSecurity) –


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